Pistolet UMV

Pistolet UMV PNR


Body: Brass casting chrome plated
Lining: EPDM
Stem: AISI 316 s.s.
Trigger: AISI 316 s.s.

Przepływ dla 3bar

21 l/min (UMV 2210)

61 l/min (UMV 2211)


Maksymalna temperatura pracy
95 ° C

Maksymalne ciśnienie pracy
24 bar


The UMV series washgun has been designed primarily to avoid hot water waste, while assuring very comfortable operation conditions. Its thick rubber casing not only effectively protects the operator’s hand from the discomfort of hot water but also assures an excellent protection in case the washgun is dropped or falls to the ground since it avoids any damage to the tiles or the equipment. The careful design, mainly used for the food industry, also includes a grease and detergent resistant quality rubber, plus a blue colour has been chosen as a visual aid to be seen clearly against a white or clear foreground. The trigger is lined too, and can be held in the open position by means of a lock-ring. The spray pattern can be adjusted continuously between a closed straight jet to a wide angle spray, so that the proper spray pattern can be choosen for each individual job.

The versatility of this washgun is enhanced from the additional model UMV 2211 xx, which can be fitted with nozzles or different lances through its 1/2” male thread. The three different lance models shown are easily fitted to the gun body with a 1/2” male nipple and offer the following choices of operation:
1) Foaming machines and equipment prior to washing operations. The foam lance comes with a quick connect female coupling, and a matching coupling must be fitted at the gun outlet.
2) General purpose 1/4” female thread outlet, 1/4” male thread inlet. Available both with heat protection sleeve, or zincplated steel. The general purpose lance needs a connection nipple 1/4” female to 1/2” female to be fitted on the gun.



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Body: Brass casting chrome plated
Lining: EPDM
Stem: AISI 316 s.s.
Trigger: AISI 316 s.s.

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